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Jul 01, 2024, 11:41

where did it really go awry for the Proteas in a final which they should have won? If we pause this he did this and he did that and/or so and so should have could have, nyaaah nyaaah blame game we might just unearth the real cause of the Proteas demise.

I go back to the corridors of the SA cricket as a start and then to the selections as the root cause of why we failed. 

For a start the Proteas prep was poor, Bavuma was the elephant in the room, they hung with him for far too long and by the time he retired from T20 cricket it was too late to conduct a few trials to plug the hole bearing in mind that there was a Protea vs NZ test series and a SA20 series that stood in the way of having a smooth preparation. The second problem was the selection of Rickelton. Walters faced criticism for not selecting him based on his good performances in the SA domestic league so he was pressured into making the selection. Walters to his credit saw no sense in having two lefties as openers but nevertheless he had to deal with an awkward and an impractical situation. Walters's way of dealing with it was to leave Rickleton off the run on team. But then he was faced with problem #three and that was to stick with white ball specialist 35yr old(36 in middle August) Hen-ducks as his opener in every match. There was no other specialist opener or batsman to choose from. The plot thickened and Walters had tightened the noose around his own neck. I hold Walters accountable. The reason for Hend-ucks favoritism and this according to Walters is the 80 runs he had scored in a series against the WI.... back in....ja go ahead, I'm not about to waste my time digging up the date.

When did one swallow make it summer?! We all know that cricket is a game of 11 players and we all know that the Proteas suffer a batting problem so how on earth could Walters pick a player who was a zero contributor, a player whose selection would effectively cut the batting down to 5 specialist making it a 10 player team??? Actually because of our batting fragility we needed 7 batsmen and an Allrounder. The 4th problem was making Markram first drop. We all know that he bats at 5 in the IPL and it showed that he was uncomfortable in the role of batting at 3 for the Proteas. 

Walters had a few options, as opener he should have chosen either Faf, or Brevis. Choosing Brevis had the added advantage of quality legspin for 2 overs sharing with Markram.

At first drop he could have chosen either Van Der Dussen or Rille Rossow, instead he'd dropped the former.

It was sad watching it unfold, once again we were our own worst enemies, once again we impaled ourselves and it worsens when one thinks of several players being too old for the next WC.

I suspect there'll be wholesale changes with Quinton, Markram, Miller, Maharaj, Rabada, Nortje and Klaasen dropping out. 

Enjoyed your comments Mike, your politics is crap but boy you know and understand cricket.

Jul 01, 2024, 12:38

Thanks Denny

>I may not agree with you about politics - but you are a great guy nontheless.  

Jul 02, 2024, 03:26

Well you know some of us don't forget, I haven't forgotten you shouting me dinner so I owe you bigtime. If you ever hit my Sydney again I promise to shout you lunch at my favourite Italian and Indian restaurants. And then round it off with freshly baked 1inch thick melktert and a large size cappuccino.

Let that sink in.

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