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Jul 02, 2024, 04:34

have a question for you which I'm 100% sure you won't answer but you know it's just a question. A month prior to the start of the WC you once again said Hen-ducks is world class. Now I don't know whether you can read my post with the unimaginable amount of eggnog slithering down your most embarrassing face but all good things come to an end so then when it's all dried and baked, make a small hole and peer through it then tell us whether you still believe Hen-Ducks is world class?

I know your bloated ego won't allow you to admit that you've made a fool of yourself once again so actually this post is just to highlight what a complete fake, shallow, ignorant, loud mouthed and common pretender you are. Subterfuge ain't gonna help you either and just a further reminder if I humbly may that your favourite us have long memories. Slither away....the reality of your non existent integrity can't.

And OBTHW if I remember correctly under your post "They don't come more world class than that...." you had 5 World Class players, one....Janneman Malan, made the Protea side but that was a one off.......he's subsequently joined the ranks of have the rest. 

"I can't stand ou Dentsie".........Bwhahahahaha feel free to add the above to your reasons why Bwhhahahahhaha

Jul 02, 2024, 07:24

Denise, immediately after my call, Henducks was the best-performing bat in the Protea side(you remember this, right?).

And then he dropped off after that.

And as it stands I'd rather have about 4 other batters in the side ahead of him.

So, whats the problem?

Jul 02, 2024, 07:56

Henducks was the best-performing bat in the Protea side(you remember this, right?).

Bwhaaaahahahahahahaha Liar....when was that? (you remember this right?) Bwhahahahaha No I don't, it's physically impossible to remember something that never happened.

Unless you've deleted your comment I repeat my earlier statement, as recently as 1 month prior to the start of this WC you've categorized him as World Class.

Is he World Class or not yes or no? Was he ever World Class yes or no?

Answer the question you Bullshitting moron.

Jul 02, 2024, 08:04

Hen-Ducks dropped off Huh? Man you're a shameless liar.

Well not according to you when as recently as...

Apr 30, 2024, 13:11

The Proteas were very succesful, both home and away, when they went with spin heavy attacks.

For T20s   Spin > Pace

"Reeza Hendricks instead of Brevis??? " Well, Reeza is World Class, so I don't mind the selection at all.

Jul 02, 2024, 13:21

Denise, the comment you are building your latest girlish vector of attack upon was clearly tongue in cheek...hahaha you mong.  I even capilatised "World Class", in reference to our previous debate. Absolute humourless twat. Of course, I want Brqevis in the side.


If you would like, I could dredge up the post, and the results where, after I called Reeza world class, he ended up taking the MOTS award for his batting performances in the English series...are you really gonna pretend you don't remember that? 

I could also bring up the article where Faf talks about Reeza as being truly world class.

Adding to that, I could bring up posts where I call for Brevis' inclusion into the Proteas.

I could also bring up the post, unless you deleted it, where you admit that you didn't watch Reeza play in SA and had no idea about his form or technique. 

I could also bring up previous posts where I ask you some simple questions about batting technique that you ran away from like the frightened little girl that you are.

Then, and most hilariously, I could bring up the post where you attempt to place Lara into the same category as a man who scored three times as many hundreds as he did and finished with a superior batting average. Now, I know why you tried to make that comparison. And so do you, but we'll leave it there.

...but why would I do all of that?

I tend not to argue with desperate people. It's too easy to fold them up...and then they become semi-psychotic, and sad, like you already are.

See, Denise, I prefer to live in the moment. I don't want to use old victories to dismantle you today. I like fresh wins. And to date, you've been good at providing me with fodder for such. 

...why do you wanna make me eat the leftovers of my past trouncings of you now?

Jul 03, 2024, 02:41

Shut up clown your nauseating long winded BS is typical, you were never going to say yes or no although we both know what you said about Hen-ducks and another 5 others who all proved to be failures.

I'll give you a bit of credit a warped way you did diss him with this 

And then he dropped off after that.

And as it stands I'd rather have about 4 other batters in the side ahead of him.

So here we go the 4 batters.

Jul 03, 2024, 08:08

Okay, I'll do that.

But first you tell me...

How do you correct the technique of a batter that is historically bad at fending off inswinging length balls?

What is he likely doing wrong, and how do you fix it?

Should be easy.

I know you're gonna Google it.

Jul 03, 2024, 08:52

Listen Punk I'm not here to answer your dumb questions besides whatever I suggest you'll no doubt ridicule to score a few cheap points so as to make you feel better after suffering the mother of all snotklaps once again from yours truly. Your motives lack lack integrity.

But here as a favour......this actually happened.

Dean Jones suffered the problem when facing the great Kiwi allrounder Richard Hadlee. I don't suppose you've heard of these guys so as a favour I'll let you know that they are mega ceilings above your nothing Hen-Ducks. I had the pleasure of watching both of them at the SCG.

Let that sink in.

After falling to Hadlee's swing time and again Jones's father suggested he take a step forward from his normal position so as to negate the amount of swing. It worked, Jones was no longer Hadlee's bunny.

Another thing Sucker, unlike you and your moron fan club I had the pleasure of watching the great Windies sides who toured Oz.......I learnt from and experienced the best of the best. Have you?  Guys like Viv Richards, Curtley Ambrose, Gordon Greenidge and Clive Lloyd etc and in the Windies decline a guy called Brian Lara. Not to mention Joel 'Big Bird' Garner and Malcom Marshall. Ever heard of calypso cricket huh? I guess not.
Now do me a favour and take your strond elsewhere....don't waste my time there's nothing you can tell me about the amazing game of cricket.


Jul 03, 2024, 13:18

Taking a step forward negates swing to a degree, but it makes the batter vulnerable to other modes of dismissal. 

When correcting batting technique, the priority is to mitigate the weakness as much as possible, without creating new vulnerabilities. Taking a stance a foot or two outside the crease is not the catch-all answer to mitigating the dangers of swing...else all batters would simply take up position there every time they face good swing bowling. 

Actually, its a nice trick to use in the nets, perhaps at a new club, when you want to impress, because the bowlers aren't that focused on you. I would often stand almost a meter outside the crease in the nets, driving until they realised what I was doing. At which point I'd take up a standard stance because standing that far out meant that anything slightly short became harder to deal with. 

So, lets go deeper...

Your man is fine with outswing, but he has problems when the ball is swinging in. What's he likely doing wrong? 

We can chuck insults all day long. But if you actually want to talk about the game that you supposedly love so much, then lets do that instead.

Jul 03, 2024, 18:44

Nice post Plum….there is no silver bullet, every tactic has a counter measure. I tried to point out years ago that de Kock has fundamental flaws that makes him vulnerable when the ball is moving. We could never discuss that. But it’s true. All you have to do is watch him against Afghanistan. 

We should be able to discuss these things like adults.

Jul 04, 2024, 09:25

Yeah, he has always had a problem with swing. His good eye allowed him to have success despite that, but as usual with guys that rely mainly on 'eye", they drop off quickly when they get older. 

This is why Kallis was effective until late in his career, and players like Quintie, once they hit 30, don't seem able to emulate performances from earlier in their careers.

De Kock has never had a great technique. He plays pick-up shots and flashes on the off side. And any spin or swing that slides in low, always get him out almost without fail.

But most of this is way beyond the understanding of casuals.

Jul 05, 2024, 21:47

I saw a number of tests played by the greatest  Ateam ever  and sa an incidednt where Barlow was bowling and the Auusie captain was batting.  He played at the Barlow balls and missedd it three times.  Eddie went to him and offer him his glasses butg that offer was obviouslky not accepoted.   The next ball he was clean-bowled.

Can any of yoi remember tghe cricket commentary of Charlesd Fortune  Lisyening to him he often ementiomned cricket occufrences of mabtd ecades ago and when talking he really wander away from what happened on the fireld of play.   Giving of scores was also regarded as irrelevant 0 but an absaolute gentleman - a rarfe type n the world wed lived n now.,  

When S A got back into International cricket andx toured in Australia Toney Greig was one of the Commentators and whatw as amusing was how he would joke witgh the ASussie comemntaors causing them to lose their temper -it led to some rfally interesting comments on site,    Greig also became a top Eng land cricket player - but when askled why he movedf to England he said he had zero chance of being saelected in  SA and he mentgiooned a numbe of 1970 stars in the SA team. A number of A sussie commentators playing in SA when they toured Austrfalia and Greig gently reminded them of their own problems emncpunterfed when touring  SA/   .   /            .   

Jul 06, 2024, 06:16

Notice how Denise's answer amounted to some comment obviously gleaned from cricket commentary. response was in no way derogatory.

And yet the girl slunk away, panties in a knot.

Denise, it's actually easy...just admit that you know very little about the game itself but that you enjoy it regardless.

I played every season, even when I was abroad...including my time in Denmark. So from the age of 7 until I was 33. Let's average it at 20 games per season x 24 I played around 480 cricket matches.

And here's the part where I'll open myself up to some ridicule and likely provide a new nickname for you and your girlfriends to call me...

Was plying at a club in England. In an away game, we were on a pitch that was doing nothing. It was so moist the ball was hardly bouncing. Our bowlers were having no joy. I was fielding at mid-on. I told the skipper to bring our quicker bowler on. Had a chat with the bowler and told him to bowl very short but in line with the stumps.


Well the natural instinct is to step back when the ball is short. But on this pitch there was no bounce. The batter would step back, but then be out of position to meet the ball since it came through below knee height.

The bowler did exactly that and took two wickets in his first over back...including one off the very first ball, which played out exactly had I told him it would. While he walked off, everybody wanted to know what I told the bowler.

Seems easy, but nobody summed up the conditions or had a plan to use them. I did...and name Dr. Cricket was born. It was a semi piss take nickname but it stuck while I was at that club.

Now, ask me what I know about front rowers. Answer - very little, but I still love scrums.

Jul 12, 2024, 08:02

Bumpity bumpit...bump bump bump!

Jul 12, 2024, 08:05

Old Denise wanting me to make a guess on batsman, when nobody can tell the future.

...while being far too terrified to state defined concepts which are provable and try.

She reeks of cowardice.

Denise, what I asked you above wasn't a trick question. It was very simply and anybody with slightly above average cricketing knowledge would be able to answer it.

Run, girly! RUN!!!

Bwhahaha!! Haha hahaha

Jul 17, 2024, 10:19

So from the age of 7 until I was 33. Let's average it at 20 games per season x 24 I played around 480 cricket matches.

480 Matches huh? 

Grade - Unknown

Runs scored - Unknown

Now listen up Buttie, don't embarrass yourself any further by telling us the amount of games you played.....who cares.....I mean to say you could double that amount and still end up playing Z grade.

From age 7 to age 33 and other than playing 480 games you have sweet damn nothing to brag about. 

And when you get back on after your latest sookie.......where it's the norm to count runs scored or wickets taken only a Buffoon would count the amount of games played.

You must be Hend-Dik.

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