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Oct 21, 2019, 00:48

....flops again. The highest he should bat is 5.

Oct 21, 2019, 06:53

Experiment flop. Expect a few more from the new ignorant coach.

Oct 21, 2019, 11:30

Agree  best spot for De Kock is 5.

Face facts the team is just poor whether it's bowling or batting. 

Seems like our cricket has gone badly awry. 

Oct 21, 2019, 13:54

How pathetic have we been in India - it’s a disgrace just like our WC efforts

In a time we need a real gem of a coach we get given a complete nobody to appease those fucking useless meritless politicians

Oct 21, 2019, 18:50

They need somebody like Smith who has respect and gravitas.

Oct 22, 2019, 00:39

Or get Gary Kirsten back given England stupidly turned him down

Oct 22, 2019, 01:19

Faf has an impressive test record. I note one or two posters pointing a finger at him as the cause of the deep-seated problems within the Proteas. That is a kneejerk reaction.  One tool, Chippo I think it is believes there is an abundance of talent in the country.

Nope, the decline of the Proteas started way back and we are now seeing the start of a new cycle, unfortunately it's a down cycle and there are a number of reasons playing a part. One reason is the lack of good quality players coming through and the other is the devasting effects of a racist transformation policy. For a while there we drifted along with not a care about South Africans playing for other countries and doing well. The Proteas were doing well and the pollies were wrapped.....the system was working. That was until our top level players retired coupled to the fact that our next layer of Proteas were plying their trade overseas, suddenly the cupboard had been stripped naked. Adding to their woes is the reason I've already stated, CSA is not being run with the interest of cricket in mind, it is not being run by people who know and understand the game, it is being run by fools obsessed with the sole purpose of getting the numbers right.

 While the Proteas were winning they were grinning. They patted themselves on the back, the system was working.

Well,  not anymore, the wheels have fallen off because of a lack of past efforts. They failed to manage, they can't's the ANC under a different header, true to form everything they touch turns to crap. Sadly my beloved Proteas are in free fall.

Oct 22, 2019, 06:31

Faf is a very good player and initially I supported him as captain...still do, but he seems to be lacking a bit tactically.

Oct 22, 2019, 06:36

Draad, any talk of replacing Faf is just dumb. Lets for arguments say I agree with you, which I don' your replacement?

Oct 22, 2019, 06:49

And the de Ok move flops again.....bring back Aid Him Markram. Jokes aside, it's sad to see how far we have declined.

Oct 22, 2019, 08:55


What a mess. The Indians don't even need a second innings.

Useless ... as always.

They should seriously think about calling it a day. It would better for all of us if the incompetent quota proteas no longer play international cricket.

It's painful to watch ... embarrassing ... and humiliating.

Rather keep the sport domestic ... and please ... no more televising these matches.  

Oct 22, 2019, 09:58

Den, there is no replacement, that's the trouble. we are so screwed!

Oct 22, 2019, 10:04

Well, that's a polite way of describing it....:angel:

Oct 22, 2019, 15:57

If Hamza is the best of the young talent coming through we are seriously fucked but it seems to be a problem England and Oz share

Neither have any young bats coming through as they keep giving debuts to players in their late 20’s or 30 ish

Oct 22, 2019, 17:41

Guys be thankful for what you have at present.

Remember if Fab is dumped you will end up with an ANC appointment such as Bavuma.

So all I am suggesting is do not give the government ammo to make the change.

Bottom line is we have over the last few years lost some great players and unfortunately have not been able to fill the gaps left with the present talent pool. In addition the coaches and managers are somewhere between poor and piss poor.

Seems everything in the country is on the down and down with no place to go but rock bottom.

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