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Jan 11, 2021, 03:26

As promised I am looking at the more promising younger players and in this  case of this game there is only one player involved that I am following and that is Andries Gouws,   However for continuation purposes I am retaining the names pf all the players and their latest performances

I may add Snyman to the list depending on his performance today/.

M Ackerman 

The bowling attack of the Knights in the main consist of spin bowling and Ackeraman  struggled badly facing the Knights spinners - especially Snyman - and as out for 1 run facing 13 balls,  

So far 19 runs in two games


This guy is phenomenal - he scored 92 runs at 5,7 rpo,;

So far  has 157 runs in two innings batted at an average of 78,5.


 Like yesterday Andile struggled in the batting initially,   He had 6 runs from 11 balls when he hits the ball high up into the sky and when it came down the bowler missed a simple catch. In this process he made two runs    He did hit the next ball bowled by the same bowler for 6 - but thereafter he made only 1 run from 3 balls and was out with his score at 15 - rather a substandard show.

Andile so far took no wickets and was extremely expensive in his bowling today.   Yesterday they gave him 6,3 overs to bowl  - today it was only 6 overs since he was so poor they would not give him anymore - in the 6 overs he gave away 44 runs

I am not sure  if there is not a physical problem here,   He looked rather fatter than he used top be.  

So far he has scored 67 runs in two games and took no wickets in the 12,3 overs he bowled 

De Swardt

He made 36 runs this innings and looked good in batting - was given out with a ball that hit his pads outside of the leg stump and would have missed the stumps - bad umpire decision.   Took two more wickets and ran out Behardien - as well as making two catches,  

So far he scored 46 runs and took 5 wickets. 


Unlike the game yesterday when he was out for a duck - he made 57 runs today,   Showed ability against the mostly spin attack of the Knights,

So far scored 57 runs in two games played  

 Gous  -  to be updated

I decided  to keep a look out for this player ass well - despite his 27 years of age,   A good batsman with the necessary strike rate.   He scored 56 runs today from the 61 balls he faced.

Baartman is in the national test squad,    I have not seen him bowling before - but if it is  anything like it was in the two Momentum games he played in thus far, his selection for the tour to Pakistan is farcical.         

After todays game there is a two days break and the next game between the Dolphins and the Titans is on Thursday 14 January 2021      

Jan 11, 2021, 13:42

This game has not started yet due to rain and may well be cancelled or even played tomorrow when no games are scheduled to be played.   All the players of both teams are in lockdiwn in Potchefstroom in a Bio-secure facility and tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day, so there really is nothing to prevent rescheduling to tomorrow.       

Jan 11, 2021, 19:16

This game has been cancelled and the next update will be on Thursday when the series continue -Thursday game will  involve the Dolphins and Titans.    

Jan 14, 2021, 10:35

Unlikely the game would proceed - a ground inspection took place at 10;00 and the next one will be at 11:00.  A second inspection was supposed to be at 13:00 hours - but it started raining again.    

Jan 14, 2021, 13:33

The game has been abandoned.   This is crazy stuff - if the match tomorrow is al also  abandoned the Titans will be second on the log, despite not winning a single game and a bonus point loss against the  Dolphins.   If that happens the Titans and Knights will   not play each other in thes series at all.


Jan 14, 2021, 18:13

This item was supposed to be for  the  first match between the Titans - that match was never played yesterday because of weather conditionss.    Today the  second match between the Dolphins and the Titans was supposed to be played,.   A pitch inspection was held at 10:00 and it was found that there were some problems far out from the bowling pitch an the Umpires then decided  that a further inspection would be held at 11:00 - but the findings did not cahnge and a thoird inspectiobn was to be held at  13:00.   

By 13:00  it started raining again and the match was abandoned,   Tomorrow the second match between the Knights will have to be played - but based on what happened today there is no chance that the Match will be played,   

If the pitch was nor safe to play on today - the further rain of this afternoon will make it even more unplayable.  If by some miracle  the  game is played I will update the assessments on Gous and I may add Snyman to the list depending on his performance,         

Jan 15, 2021, 11:17

This is amazing.   CSA  organized  the Momentum Cup series to be played in Potchefstroom in the middle of the rainy season and what happened - thus far only two of the five matches that should have been played thus far has been played - three were abandoned,.   Theie is one more pool game scheduled for tomorrow  - the sixth match in the pool stage of the relevan poo; is supposed to be tomorrow  and I will lay a bet that one would also be cancelled.  

The Dolphhins played two games - the Titans and Knights one each,    Since the two games between the Knights and the Titans have both been abandoned  and the second game between the Dolphins and the Titans has also been abandoned  - the Titans now is ahead of the Knights in the pool stage,   If the match tomorrow is played between the Dolphins and the Knights  and the Dolphins  win that one  the Knights would be last on the log, 

The other problem is that for a team to be part of the play-offs they must at least win 2 matches - so the remaining matches that was abandoned would have to be played - since only the Dolphins has qualified for the play-off thus far,            

Jan 16, 2021, 10:15

The pitch is unplayable and the match has been abandoned,

So the pool log is as follows for the relevant pool;:-

1     Dolphins        -     13

2     Knights          -       6

3     Titans             -       5

Of  the  6  games to be played  only 3  tool place - the Dolphins played in 2 and won both - while the Knights played in one game against the Dolphins won and the Titans in thei game against the Dolphions that they lost by a bonus point.  

Since the Dolphins won two games already they are the only team in the poo; that qualifies for the play-offs,    The other play-poff position will be decided oin games the two teams will still have to play.    Not sure how that would affect the  second  position on the log.   

Jan 16, 2021, 13:14

The series is now restarting on  Friday 22 January 2021, with a game between the  Cape Cobras and rhe Lions 

Om some days there will be up to 3 games played.  Most of the games will be played at Potchefstroom - but some games are scheduled for play in Cape Town and Stellenbosch as well.


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