Mark Boucher questions Heinrich Klaasen's captaincy and explains Kyle Verreynne's absence

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Apr 28, 2021, 05:35

JOHANNESBURG – Heinrich Klaasen’s captaincy was put firmly under the spotlight, following South Africa’s defeat in the third T20 International against Pakistan, with Proteas head coach, Mark Boucher questioning fielding positions and the use – and nonuse – of certain bowlers.

“When we’ve been put under immense pressure we have not responded in the way that we know our players can,” Boucher said ahead of the fourth T20 International on Friday, that South Africa has to win, to tie the series.

“I understand that the players are not used to being attacked like they have been at this level, which can be intimidating as we saw on Wednesday. We got a bit rattled, and didn’t stick to the plans we’d talked about nor were we as smart as we should have been, with regards to where we were bowling and where we were putting our fielders, we were chasing the ball the whole time.”

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Babar Azam, scored one of the finest centuries seen in a T20 match and shared an opening partnership of 197 Mohammad Rizwan, who made 73 not out as Pakistan, asked to chase 204, cantered to a nine wicket win with 12 balls to spare.

However South Africa’s bowling was inconsistent and the fielding once again poor, while Klaasen’s use of his bowlers was surprising - in that he didn’t use all the options at his disposal.

Boucher reiterated on Thursday a point he made following the series loss last year against England, that any South African starting team in a T20 match needs more than five bowlers. On Wednesday, Klaasen utilised just five bowlers, despite having seven at his disposal and the manner in which the bowlers were used felt preordained and formulaic.

“Our captain has options, and he has to make a call on the day about what options he wants to go with, and that can change all the time.

“We got ourselves into a position where we were not picking up wickets and so we went ‘death’ (attempting to bowl yorkers) fairly early and then there are certain guys for whom that is their game – Sisanda (Magala) and Lizaad (Williams) are very good 'death' bowlers and (Klaasen) decided to go with those guys at that moment to try and make it difficult to score and it didn’t come off. The good thing is he has got different options and he has to make calls on the day with what he wants his bowlers to do.”

The most notable absentee from the bowling list, was Andile Phehlukwayo, who with 33 matches, is the most capped T20 International player in the current squad. Over the course of the series, the 25 year old has bowled just two overs. Klaasen made the startling admission after Wednesday’s match that Phelukwayo’s confidence was low.

Just last week, the national team’s bowling coach, Charl Langeveldt, in speaking about how Phehlukwayo could be used in the 50-overs format, said he was an option at the ‘death’ as well.

In fact Temba Bavuma, for whom Klaasen is filling in during this series, used Phehlukwayo to bowl the last over of Pakistan’s innings on two occasions; in the first match of the series, he very nearly defended just four runs, while in the last match he was carted for 18. If it was that performance which dented Phelukwayo’s confidence, the question that must be asked is: why is he even playing at all?

Boucher emphasised that Phehlukwayo was indeed playing as an all-rounder.

As for social media’s most popular South African player at the moment; Boucher stated that Kyle Verreynne was in the squad as a backup wicket keeper behind Klaasen, hence his absence from the starting team. That too seems to go against what is seen in the One-Day squad, where both Verryenne and Klaasen have started together in all four of the ODIs Verreynne has played.

He is one of the most in-form batsmen in the side, and given Pite van Biljon’s less than stellar efforts – in fact he wasn’t even needed with the bat on Wednesday – it would seem obvious for Verreynne to take his place.

“I understand that Kyle had a very good game in the last ODI, but that is one-day cricket, T20 is a bit different,” said Boucher. “Kyle’s done well, and is growing as an individual as well. We’ve looked at a few things we can add to his game to make him a world class performer in all three formats.”

Boucher said the decision not to start Verreynne in the T20 series was a “collective decision,” made by the selection panel.

Apr 28, 2021, 12:06

This is crazy - as crazy as the selections have been  all through all the series selections have been over the period Boucher was the Head Coach.    They use Lubbe in two T20's ahead of Verreynne as a  batsman..    Lubbe is a nonentity as a batsman  -  Verreynne is a class act.    That is just one example.

The only thing one can expect from Boucher is pure idiocy.   Klaasen was standing behind the wickets looking more and more idiotic.    He never spoke to the bowlers when they failed amd even consider advising them on what to do through reading of the pitch.   His field placings were poor - and now fielding is part of the blame for poor  losing performances..    In the latter regard I am referring to another example.    Some positions are critical when it comes to catching balls.    He put Van Biljon in exactly such a critical position  and the latter lost two matches by missing routine catches,    Klaasen is to blame for that idiocy - but his pal Boucher is even more to blame.

Poor selection and poor coaching cost the Proteas dearly.

.       .   .                  

Apr 28, 2021, 14:26

The Proteas just aren’t very shuffling of deck chairs on the titanic is going to make a difference. We simply became second rate when  Smith, Kallis and Amla retired. Which is why people who understood the game wanted to play them even if their powers were waning. Play the best guy available....building for the future doesn’t help the future and accelerates decline.

Verreyne seems like a decent young player, world beater....nope. Nor  will Markram or Ock come through when the chips are down

Young Garrick Higgo who just won the latest European tour event is an example of potential world class talent at a young age. Among the Proteas only Rabada looked to have that potential and now he too is slumping.

The worst crop of young cricketers we have produced for a long time.

Apr 28, 2021, 17:48


How do you replace  retirees - who retired after their performances was in serious decline  - with players that were  no good and on provincial levels failures as well and  expect better results from them when  there are a host of younger players that out-performed the elderly on provincial level.   

As an example Elgar is the tenth best batsmen in 4 day games the 10th best batsmen in the country,    And they make him captain as well.   Please explain.

The best test Batmen  as per proven stats is  Van der Dussen whose 1at class average is 13 points lower than that of  Verreynne.

In any event - you know anything about any of the younger players playing  and zero about their actual  abilities.     The only 4 times Verreynne was used by the Proteas he was excellent  and there at least 8 batsmen equal to him or even better but they are not given chances to play for the Proteas,    Take for instance the best T20I batsman ranked by the ICC  is Dawid Malan playing for England,    He left to play in England because the Proteas selection is shit.


Apr 30, 2021, 23:53

Crap Moz, you know nothing about the young cricket talent in SA, so you are not really in a position to comment

Boucher has been a complete flop - one of those fools who backs the old never beens

Given the standard of world cricket in general, SA could easily pick a competitive side - sure we don’t have the likes of AB, Kallis and Amla but we have some talented young cricketers about - Verreynne being one of them. Unfortunately Boucher is too short sighted and his excuse for not selecting him is insulting

Markram is world class as is de Kock. The same can be said of Rabada, Maharaj and Nortje

Add the likes of Ngidi, Verreynne, Janneman Malan and van Tonder and you have the nucleus of a handy side

A side more than capable of competing with the current Oz, England, NZ, Indian, Pakistan and NZ sides

Boucher needs to go, he is clueless

May 01, 2021, 10:08

Dave I look at Boucher  and realize he is  similar to what Meyer was in Springbok rugby - in other words a disaster for team development.   His selection norms amounting to 28 years of age of new selections for the Proteas team is an insult to merit selection,   

As soon as he is shown the door and merit selection based on present performances  is introduced the sooner SA  Cricket  will recover from the disease it is suffering from at present.    If he has not learned that he is wrong after a year as coach - he will never learn  and keep destroying SA cricket.    So we must expect that in the end he will be fired because the public will not accept he failure he represents.    

May 01, 2021, 10:11


I pointed out the deficiencies  of  Klaasen as a captain and some members did not accept it.   Apparently Boucher woke up to the fact - but way too late as per normal with him.     

I would have played Verreynne ahead of Klaasen anyway,   He understand the role of a wicketkeeper in the game better than Klaasen does.   In any event he is a better batsman than Klaasen anyway and that apply to all formats of the game.    .   

May 01, 2021, 10:24


The spirit of decent players to compete  has been destroyed by Boucher and his teams elections.   De Kockk totally lost interest in the Proteas as a team and so did players like Rabada and Markram.    The Proteas managed to hold their own after the retiring of Smith and Kallis - but lost the plot totally long before Amla retired due to continuous failure on his part,    

So the Smith and Kallis retirement had near to zero impact on team performance and the reason for the decline - which sets in  2018  cannot be due to Kallis and Smith leaving years before,    The fact is that Du Plessis and Amla produced poor performances since that period and  the Amla retirement was a year too late,    Du Plessis has also tendered his retirement on test level already and is staying on solely to play in the  upcoming T20 WC.   Hos retirement came 18 months too late too. 

The above sent your arguments  into oblivion.         


May 05, 2021, 13:48

i love reading 3 old men complain. (not you this time Dave)

2 of which are totally detatched from South Africa and struggle with their own identity...

and 1 of which is totally detatched from earth

Fuck you guys can moan and bitch and talk utter crap.

We are in a rebuilding phase.

We are coming out of an era when we dominated... but all of those players are now RETIRED.

New players are being blooded and tested.... but this takes time. Just ask Australia!

I would love to build up to where we once were, but then be savvy and blood new talent each year who is given a chance to cement his place so that we don't have a 5 - 8 year building phase again.

May 08, 2021, 05:43

100%  correct in this case.     

May 09, 2021, 10:54

"100%  correct in this case."

How is Chip-Shit 100% correct?

He's given you and everyone on this blog apart from Dave a backhander and you in return respond by giving him a pat on the back. 

FFS get a grip!

Here read again what he says..."i love reading 3 old men complain. (not you this time Dave)

2 of which are totally detatched from South Africa and struggle with their own identity...

and 1 of which is totally detatched from earth

Fuck you guys can moan and bitch and talk utter crap."

For a start I've made no comment, neither for or against, my sole contribution was a cut and paste.

Secondly, it's common knowledge that the Proteas are in a rebuilding phase, going by the sound of things it's not common knowledge to... "I know a lot about Cricket, Chip-shit. Matter of fact it sounds like it's a startling revelation to him.

Thirdly the article goes on about the mistakes made by Boucher, most of which was covered before the first ball was bowled by you, Dave and myself.

The article goes on about Klaasen's poor captaincy and selection of players. Boucher takes no responsibility for selecting Klaasen as captain and neither does he take any responsibility for selecting a poor team and squad, he's thrown Klaasen under a bus and makes a wishy wash excuse for leaving out Kyle Verreynne when as a matter of fact there were games where he had them play in the same team

One other glaring mistake by Boucher is that in some teams he only fielded 4 specialist batsmen, why  when everyone knows that batting is a problem for the Proteas as it has been for several years.

There is no doubt that there is talent available in South African cricket both in batting and bowling, the failure is in Boucher for not identifying that talent and giving it much needed exposure.

How on Earth can you start a rebuilding process with the likes of Wihan Lubbe(28yrs will be 29 in Nov) Pite van Biljon(35 yrs) and JJ Smuts 32yrs). At best provincial players.  It's a poor investment, they won't bring home the bacon and If they did cut a WC then hell the new coach would soon after the conclusion of the tournament  start the rebuilding process for the next one!

There is enough talent in the likes of Verryenne, van Tonder and Wiaan Mulder to build for the future and with a touch of luck take the Proteas deep into the WC but my fear is that Boucher and his ignorant selectors will repeat their past errors.

So then tell me the clueless Chip-Shit, he who parades himself as a super stud with a penis pump in tow "100%  correct in this case."?

May 09, 2021, 16:57


I ignore the BS and did not even bother to read it,     I opnly referred t the following which I agree with:-

"We are in a rebuilding phase.

We are coming out of an era when we dominated... but all of those players are now RETIRED.

New players are being blooded and tested.... but this takes time. Just ask Australia!"

He obviously does not refer to the new players older than 28 years whose longer term prospects are at best remote.  

By the way Denny -  you should have heard what Haysman said about the preference to Lubbe and omitting of  Verreynne from the playing team.    He said it is the biggest blunder ever in team selection he ever heard of.     What happened was unbelievably stupid.    

May 11, 2021, 04:06

Mike, you don't get it.....Boucher is not rebuilding, not when he selects the likes of JJ Smuts, van Biljon, Lubbe, Cloete, Beuren Hendricks as an example. 

The best young hopefuls were watching the games on Telly instead of gaining much needed experience against an average Pakistan side.

To use "rebuilding" as an excuse for losing is pathetic.

May 11, 2021, 20:01


I feel about the issue exactly like you do.   The same as I respect you as a person after twice meeting you. 

By the way - I think  Smith and Boucher got the message after the latest disasters and there is a short tour to Ireland on the cards.    We will have to see whether they get the selections right got y upcoming visit to Ireland by the Proteas.    If hey don/t they may well look for new jobs themselves.       

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