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Jun 26, 2024, 01:22

or is there a solution which could favour the fortunes of the Proteas in the critical upcoming semi against Afghanistan? With scores of 4/3/0/43/11/0 and 19 in a total of 7 matches, there is nothing about those figures against mostly minnow teams that inspires confidence, one can only assume that as the pressure mounts Henducks's misery will continue. Should say that it's not his fault for being selected, that blame belongs to coach Walter. However, it has led to an unhealthy situation for Henducks and for the team and Hell knows how he builds confidence going into a crucial semi final. Right now confidence is what he needs before stepping up to the plate with sweaty palms and forehead after several sleepless nights. The situation only gets worse in that there isn't an easy fix solution by choosing an alternative batsman. Rickelton the only other specialist opener is a left hander so dropping Henducks creates a situation with two lefty openers......not sure if that is a solution. The problem with or without Henducks affects the batting order and there doesn't appear to be a comfortable solution. Markram is not a 3, neither is Klaasen. Tried and tested and failed.

But here a few options feel free to suggest your own.

1) Persist with Henducks and Markram at 3 not Klaasen with the hope that Henducks will come good and score some runs in the powerplay in quick smart time.

2) Drop Henducks and substitute him with Rickelton. Dropping Henducks relieves his playing partner of added pressure but then there's two lefties at the crease.

3) Play Markram as opener alongside of De Kock with Rickelton at 3. Markram has aborted  the role of opener a while ago.

All of the options have there issues and I'm not convinced that there is one much better than the other. It is a mess.

I would choose the third option. I guess we'll know better after the game hahaha.

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