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May 02, 2024, 00:53

have missed it but it's interesting that no batsman has taken the IPL by force, every top class batsmen has had his highs and lows, not a single batsman has consistently been on a rolling high. The best of the best appears to be veteran Virat Kohli. We haven't seen the likes of a menacing 360 dominate at the crease, the battle between bat and ball has proven to be an even one....no bowler or batsman has dominated.

So then if we look at our own batsmen and ask the same question we kinda end up with the same answer, they've also had their highs and lows...every single one of them. To me the one outstanding Protea is none other than veteran Rabada followed by Gerald Coetzee. You cannot hang your shirt on any of our batsmen. No point in talking about talented Nandre Kruger because for some unknown reason he went MIA and has not been selected in the playing squad.

My wish is for one of our batsman at the top of the order to show leadership by setting the tone for the rest of the team to follow......it could well prove to be the difference between outright winner or mere participant.

Someone on here said it's now up to the players.....can one of those players be last stop saloon veteran Quinton De Kock?

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