I'm actually enjoying watching our girls play India.

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Mar 21, 2021, 15:45

We won the first T20 with 5 balls to spare...in the second over of the second match...9-1

India batting.

Mar 21, 2021, 18:15

The SA girls won 4 of the 5 ODI's and in India to boot  and that is a great  achievement.  Wonder who their coach is - maybe they should replace the present bumbling coaching lot of the men with them.       

Mar 21, 2021, 19:27

I prefer to refer to them as women. But anyway...

How good is Laura Wolfaardt??? And she is only 21!

Mike don’t you think we must drop mignon du Perez? She’s over 30 now.

Also, Wolfaardt a strike rate is low in odis. Let’s drop her.

We have literally given India carrots.

4 - 1 in chat odis and now 2 - 0 in the T20s.

Mar 21, 2021, 19:43

We won!

Mar 21, 2021, 21:35

Chippo  = LMAO

I don't suggest changes when players are performing - only when in cricket they suffer from the dreaded 6/1 malady.  

Mar 21, 2021, 22:41

But amla was performing but because he was only scoring 80 runs for every 100 balls... as you put it, he wasn’t good enough.

Mar 22, 2021, 03:21

Any batsman who suffers a form slump in his early to mid thirties is a different proposition to one who suffers one in his mid 20's.

The Protea women are a pleasure to watch, the way they go about constructing an innings as well as  their composure coupled to an abundance of skills is stunning. The fact that they are missing a couple of star players and have a stand in captain underscores their brilliance.

Mar 22, 2021, 04:49


Amla was terribly poor in internationals played  at the end of 2018 and in January 2019 - and his averages dropped faster than jet speed,     In the WC in 2019 he was a mess as well  and he then retired from cricket at the age of 36.   

As Dave said  a drop in form is never recovered  at that age - partly because deficient eye-hand co- ordination  is  not  recoverable.


Mar 23, 2021, 01:43

Amla should not have been selected to play in the WC.......it was a poor error of judgement, CSA would have been better served with an aspiring much younger batsman with the next WC in mind.

In the washup it was opportunity wasted.

Mar 23, 2021, 09:31

PS: I was using the term "girls" in the same sense as when you cheer on your team mates in a rugby match: "Come on boys, we can do this!" or "Our boys did us proud by winning the world cup."...and they most certainly are gritty women.

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