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Oct 19, 2022, 14:44

they're now comparing your "world class" wunderkind to AB.....enjoy the laugh.

First there was AB de Villiers, now the Proteas have Reeza Hendricks

Rilee Rossouw and Reeza Hendricks have been part of South Africa’s future plans ever since they first confronted each other on a cricket field aged around 12.

There was something about them both that was so obvious that playing international cricket was not going to be so much an ambition as a prerogative.

And so it has proved. They moved almost simultaneously through the youth levels at Free State and Griquas respectively before joining up for the first time in the SA Schools XI back in 2007, before falling short together in the Under-19 World Cup final in Kuala Lumpur the following year.

It formed the basis of friendship that was affirmed during the early years of their professional careers at the Eagles/Knights where they terrorised domestic bowlers almost for fun.

It was their contrasting styles that made watching them in tandem so appealing. Rossouw was the butcher with the scything blade, whereas Hendricks purred with style and elegance.

It ultimately led to Proteas call-ups within months of each other in 2014, where Hendricks was immediately called on to explain why they enjoyed batting together so much.

“We are two different types of players. His game is completely different to mine, so we complement each other. For some reason we have done well together in the past. He hits different areas,” Hendricks said at the time.

“There’s not much communication when we are at the crease together. We just remind each other to just enjoy it and play it as you see it.”

Unfortunately due to a variety of circumstances neither have quite fulfilled their vast potential that had them nominated as the successors to carry on the South African batting dynasty that once boasted royalty such as AB de Villiers and Hashim Amla.

But yet now as fate would have it they find themselves, aged 33, and arguably closer to the end of their careers than the beginning, with the opportunity to right all the wrongs of the past by bringing the T20 World Cup home from Australia.

They have certainly enjoyed their reunion since Rossouw returned to the national team after his self-imposed Kolpak exile.

Neither missed a beat and were beautifully in sync during the second T20 international against England in Cardiff when Rossouw smashed 96 not out in just his second game back. It coincided with Hendricks timing the ball as sweetly as he has ever had in international cricket, as the pair turned back the clock with a 73-run match-winning stand.

They were at it again in the warm-up game against New Zealand earlier in the week with a 66-run partnership in only seven overs, after being asked to start the innings in the absence of Quinton de Kock and captain Temba Bavuma.

The bromance is certainly as strong as ever, with Rossouw singing his good mate’s praises after the Proteas’ second warm-up match against Bangladesh was abandoned due to bad weather in Brisbane yesterday.

“Reeza and I go a long way back. It’s always very nice to bat with him, always brings out something special. Hopefully he can bring his form if he gets a chance in the World Cup to show the world what he is about,” Rossouw said.

“He is a much better player now than then. We are all much better players than when we started. We have learnt a lot throughout our careers, especially from each other and the experiences we’ve had.”

There is still, of course, no confirmation as yet whether the duo will indeed have the opportunity to pair up for the Proteas at the T20 World Cup, despite Rossouw recently striking a maiden T20 international century and Hendricks compiling five half-centuries in his past seven international innings.

But there is little doubt that should they be called upon they will be pushing each other on to complete a job they started almost 20 years ago.


For the sake of the team I hope he scores big but nothing changes the fact that it's the colour of his skin not his average that's kept him in the national side.

Oct 19, 2022, 21:50


Your timing is so horrendous.

I have a question. Are you you actively trying to sabotage yourself?


This in News 24 today…

“ Rilee Rossouw praises Reeza Hendricks's growth: He's a world-class player.

Proteas limited-overs batter Rilee Rossouw praised Reeza Hendricks's ability, saying he is a world-class player. Hendricks opened with Rossouw in the nine-wicket win against New Zealand, but no play was possible against Bangladesh on Wednesday because of rain. The Proteas start their T20 World Cup campaign next week in Hobart.

Proteas limited over batter Rilee Rossouw praised former provincial teammate Reeza Hendricks, saying the opener is a world-class player.

The Proteas' T20 World Cup warm-up game against Bangladesh on Wednesday was washed out, but Rossouw had opened the batting with his former Knights teammate in the nine-wicket win against New Zealand.

Hendricks had unwittingly found himself at the centre of a selection storm where he didn't play in the T20 series against India despite being in red-hot form.

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Rossouw's and Hendricks's careers developed together in Bloemfontein and Kimberley, with Rossouw moving overseas on a Kolpak contract while Hendricks moved north up to Johannesburg.

Rossouw said they've grown immensely from their time at the Knights.

"Reeza and I go a long way and it’s always nice to bat with him," Rossouw said.

"He brings something special and if he gets a chance in the World Cup, I hope he'll bring his form and show what he's about.

"We're all much better players as we grow older because we've learned a lot throughout our careers, especially from each other.

"He's a world-class player."

Rossouw wasn't too fussed by the fact that they've missed out on game time on Wednesday, saying that they've got the necessary mileage to get going for the tournament.

South Africa gets their tournament underway next week Monday when they play one of the teams from the qualification round at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart.

Rossouw said the team is confident and is in a positive space for the tournament.

"The guys are in a great space at the moment and we're playing some really good cricket," Rossouw said.

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"It's rather unfortunate that we didn't get an opportunity to play today, but it's something that's out of our control.

"We're excited about the first game, and we'll play some good cricket, so we're good to go.

"The team is very confident, and we’ve played a lot of cricket over the past two to three months.

"With the other guys playing franchise cricket, the guys have been getting a lot of game time."

Oct 19, 2022, 23:02

Man you are stupid, vigorously stupid .....besides being delusional.

No matter what Riley says you blundering Buffoon cricket is a numbers game....numbers don't lie. 

Got that? 

I doubt it.

Would you like me to post your Quota boy's averages again? The Quota who started his international career in 2014....who more than once suffered annual averages of 12.5% .....who took 8 long years to register a respectable average?

Would you?

BongBoy you make a habit of embarrassing yourself, I know it doesn't bother you but the egg on your dumb face is defying gravity and has worked its way up and around your rapidly balding head. 

Take my advice, look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself "I've made a right royal Dik of myself"

There is no sense in bullshitting yourself.....you've made it a habit.

So it's as simple as that......no amount of this one or that one lavishing praise on a team mate is going to save you from being the fool you've made yourself to be.....stop digging your own dumb hole.

Numbers do not lie.......Dumb Twat!

And don't  encourage me to post your Quota boy's stats.....again.

I know your bloated ego stands in the way of swallowing your pride, ja it's a bitter pill but it's the only solution.....go for it.

You don't want a history of supporting a Quota......a Quota who took 8 long years to record respectable figures and that at the age of 33 when as the article says is when most cricketers  retire.

Oct 19, 2022, 23:49

 Would you like me to post your Quota boy's averages again? The Quota who started his international career in 2014....who more than once suffered annual averages of 12.5% .....who took 8 long years to register a respectable average?’

That was a seriously embarrassing post Quisling, but I’ll give you a pass if you can explain to me what an annual average of 12.5% is?

Perhaps Mrs Searle can help….hahaha!

Oct 20, 2022, 01:27

Uh-Oh BongBoy's master to the rescue.....sooooooooo predictable Bwhahahahaha

Been scraping for my attention I've noticed Huh? Believe me it's no effort on my part to ignore you Bwhahahahaha

And as for embarrassing......the one about "Blessing" WOW!  that's a knockout cricket post...huge Insight in that one Bwhahahahaha

And as for my "Insights"......reckon they're way better than your boring and monotonous De Ock Nyaaah Nyaaaaah Nyaaaaah De Ock leaves a gap Bwhaaahahaha can't play a moving ball Nyaaaah Nyaaah Nyaaaah...man you are painful, hateful, bitter and spiteful.

Matter of fact if you remove those ones from your list of posts then you actually have nothing....not a single cricket post of any substance, not a single prediction or a forecast or an insight.....everthing is in hindsight. Rooinek and Mike are right about you.

You don't know the domestic players, would not have heard of Mohammed Sami....all you do is feed off what's posted and then ridicule the posters who don't suck up to you.

And OBTW no need for your predictable chestnut grammar lessons and math formulae either......in case you haven't noticed they are 30 years stale Bwhahahahaha

Learnt your cricket in the navy you say.....says it all.....was that on the Carrier RSA No-ball? Bwhahahahaha

Glad to know I have your interest, while I hope you're learning from reading my cricket posts I hope one day to be able to say likewise of yours although we both know that with your current none existing knowledge that will never happen.

"Blessings" holy F&%#.........Bwhahahahahaha

A "favour"......stick with rubbishing poor De Ock and spruiking Klaaaaaassssen Bwhahahahaha


Oct 20, 2022, 05:03

That long, rambling post is ‘ignoring’ me….hahaha….but back to my question, what in cricket terms is a 12.5% average.

Oct 20, 2022, 09:03


I don’t think you understand what should and should not embarrass a person.

The guy that i picked, has the best ODI and T20 average in the Proteas since I selected him.

A numbers game you say? I guess those numbers don’t count?

Funny stuff.

And now we have one of the best limited overs bats in SA completely agreeing with me.

What’s truly amazing is how you chose to make your post on the exact day that the article on Rossouw’s comments is released.

If cricket is a numbers game then you should be begging me for my next tip because i longed a player that hardly anyone was looking at and he outperformed literally everyone.

Embarrassing for you indeed.

Oct 20, 2022, 11:01

Lol.... too funny

Oct 20, 2022, 11:17

Every time Dentsie puts his head out of the hole the hammer comes down.

I’m beginning to think that i should go easy on him.

Can’t be good the poor dear’s mental health.

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