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Apr 21, 2021, 10:10

Cricket South Africa

For years the mismanagement of CSA has been a topic for investigation  leading to the 2011 Nicholson report - which recommendations were ignored by CSA because it was the feeding trough for the Board and was so mismanage that -

*   the sponsors and especially Standard Bank did not want to tarnish their image by being associated with an organization where mismanagement and financial skullduggery were the norm; and

*   independent Board members for the same reason as the Standard Bank one resigned/

I rarely agree with Ministers  on the quota system - but in this case the Minister was right to insist on the change to the Board and operation of CSA - while the recent Board members are fighting for their survival and the trough could not be used for self-enrichment anymore and endeavored to get support frim the ICC and SASCOC.    Luckily the ICC would not interfere  to protect the rogues on the present Board and SASCOC tried because they suffer from the same maladministration SAC became known for, 

In the end the restructuring of CSA - both on provincial and national level should be the norm.    

The Proteas    

When Rugby in SA was self-destructing under Meyer and Coetzee Erasmus laid down primary conditions  for him to accept the job of Director of Cricket  offered to him and those were -

*   that team selection should be the responsibility of the Head Coach and his assistance and there should not be a selection committee to select teams; and

*    that he be responsible for identifying who should identify who should be in his coaching staff component,

Other than the few normal site idiots it is clear that those conditions helped SA top win the RWC and made it the number 1 rugby team ibn the world.

In a changing and ever-developing world England has now decided to do away with the team selection method in place for more than a century and assigned team selection to the Head Coach - in other words the Erasmus format,   

So who select the Proteas team and how do they contribute to the game at this lowest point ever in SA Cricket History?   The present SA selection Committee is made up of the following:-

*   The Chairman is Mpitsang - who had bowling experience on international level, but unlike Donald and Pollock cannot be regarded as a bowling expert.    

*    There are two "independent" Directors who has according to what could be found on the internet has never played  first class cricket/

*   Boucher as head coach - who was a top coach - bit seemingly clueless about team selection. 

Boucher hide behind the Committee when it comes to selections - but should not be excused if the statements he made recently is anything to go by:-

*    Selection should based one experience with players once selected "owns" there positions and  once selected and in the team they cannot be left out - irrespective whether they perform or not.    Looking at especially batsmen the Committee apparently laid down a  minimum age of 28 years as a requirement for selection. 

*    New players are only brought into the squad as back-up players and would not be used in any position where they are NOT the back-up players.   Take recent examples  - in the latest fiasco Verreynne was the backup player for Klaasen and the unknown and less capable batsman Lubbe was the back-up for Van der Dussen.   Despite the fact that Verreynne is a miles better batsman than Lubbe would ever be  he could not be selected to replace Van der Dussen when the latter got injured,

*    Unlike the rest of the world where younger players are brought into the national team and used ion all formats if the game in South Africa  it is not possible.    In South Africa there is zero long term planning and implementation of strategy to develop the team as was the case in the past,   At present it appears that the selectors regard selection of  33 year-old players as a basis for long term development.   

*    There is a total disregard for comparison of present incumbents  on their performances om provincial level - compared to those of top provincial players.   That means there is no merit at all in the system  of team selection

The only solution so to abolish the selection committee and let the Head Coach and his supporting staff select the squad and from their the players to actually play.   If they fail in their jobs - they should be fired,                       

Apr 21, 2021, 16:46

Ignoring the superb Klaasen is undoubtedly the route cause of all our failures.

Apr 21, 2021, 20:36

Klaasen the winner of the Failures Race,    Extremely funny 

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