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May 05, 2021, 21:49

Quinton de Kock – Mumbai Indians

Matches: 6

Runs: 155 (SR – 117)

50s: 1

Best performance: 70* vs RR

It has not been the easiest IPL season for De Kock and he has offered a mixed bag of performances. In his six innings, he has scored under 10 three times and over 30 runs three times as well, but his strike rate of 117 is unusually low for him. His best innings was a match-winning 70 not out against RR and he followed that up with a 38. He seemed to be finding his groove somewhat, but his overall form over the past few months is still of concern to South African fans.

May 06, 2021, 09:22


There was  and is no reason for concern  about De Kock's form.    He was a key player in the 2020 IPL  - but also stared badly in his first two matches  that year and ended up scoring over 500  runs ending up with  figures better than Du Plessis and AB combined in the 2020 series.

In the IPL series this year he started off badly  as the case was last year abnd ibn the enxt three matches,    In the next three  he helped Mumbai Indians to win in twi games and pklayed a significant role in winning the third match. 

I think the main reason for the questionable form of De  Kock was the effects of the total demoralization of   the Proteas  over the last year through defective selections ands coaching while he had to take the blame for  the continuous losses that followed,    The fact is that he was not the only one that was demoralized by the faulty selection issue  - Rabada  was another problem case in the now suspended  IPL this year.

As to Du Plessis he started off  like a house on fire  the  in the IPL last year and was a total flop later in the season    He came back to SA and was a failure playing for the Proteas  and them announced  his retirement from test cricket and   apparently ODI's as well.   He wants to play om the T20I WC this year - but could potentially be the same failure as was the case of Amla in the 2019 ODI World Cup.

There are younger and better players than him  who are  playing provincial cricket in SA - but he has the support of the idiots who claim  that present Proteas  own  their positions in the team can cannot be replaced  irrespective how poorly they perform for the Proteas.

The essential need for the Proteas is to start rebuilding the team and start with players younger than 28 with a real chance for development and not the way it is done at present,                     

May 06, 2021, 18:03

Wrong....the answer is to choose the best player for the job. Throwing a bunch of youngsters in the team only to be crushed by test pressure does the team and the kids no favors,

May 06, 2021, 18:29

Who is the  best  player for the job and how do you determine that?    Surely the failed players on both international and domestic competition is mot the best players for  selection of theyd oisgrace the country like happened regularly over the past  two years.     That applies to most fo the batsmen  playing for the Proteas at present.

In most cases the Proteas batsmen failed in 6 of the 7 innings they bat in and then their is a lost of praise-singing and the failures is forgotten.    

The better option  is to look how various players perform on domestic level and decide on who are the better players to select.     The fact  us that for instance is the tenth best badsman on  domestic level in SA  is Elgar and he is made captain of the test team with that kind of performance record.    

It is clear that  the players with the worst domestic records are in the Proteas team  and owned their  positions in the team.    If the cannot perform on provincial level - how the hell are they going to perform  on international level?                    


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