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Mar 05, 2020, 04:17

a goodie "One swallow doesn't make it summer" but it's hard not to be enthused about the monumental success of Janneman Malan bearing in mind that he came off a first ball duck on debut. He provides hope to what had become a floundering team. 

Going forward he becomes part of a nucleus of players i.e. Quinnie, Markram, Bavuma and Klaasen good enough to carry the nation's hopes at the next WC.

I'm ruling a line through Veryenne, Smuts, Van der Dussen, Shamsi, Pretorius and Miller. If they follow the example of Malan, who knows who else is there that is better. Verryenne and Smuts strike me as club players, Der Dussen will be too old at the next WC and will probably retire soon after leaving an unfulfilled hole and Shamsi who is marginally better these days is just not a good enough spin bowler at international level. Miller has been a failure at his two WC attempts and apart from one sparkling innings there isn't much else to add. man, it's painful....

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